About Us

E.N. Garden Designs Ltd was founded in 2002 by Eoin Nolan. Since that date, the company has established a superb reputation as one of Ireland’s premier garden design companies, specialising in imaginative and practical gardens that exactly match the individual requirements and tastes of the client.

Over the years, Eoin has worked on a huge range of projects, from simple backyard redesign to major projects covering many acres. Eoin has become renowned for his innovative and fresh approach, with a signature style that features curves and circles alongside clean, uncluttered lines. Our comprehensive portfolio page perfectly illustrates the scope, individuality and beauty of Eoin’s designs. E.N. Garden Designs Ltd has worked for clients across Cork City & Cork, and nationwide.

Customers at E.N. Garden Designs Ltd benefit from Eoin’s unique combination of academic qualifications, expert plant knowledge and practical experience in garden design. Having gained hands-on skills in landscaping, paving, and tree/large plant management in a nursery, Eoin graduated with a diploma in Amenity Horticulture from the National Botanical Gardens, Dublin. He was subsequently awarded a BSc in Horticulture from the Technical University, Blanchardstown. Other awards include a ‘Highly Commended’ Certificate for his contemporary Japanese style garden design for Garden Heaven (Bloom) at the RDS in Dublin.

Mixing native and overseas plants has always been an integral part of Eoin’s garden designs. A scholarship to Japan inspired a love of Japanese gardens, and Eoin’s designs often feature specially imported bonsai plants and beautiful Japanese maples from the company’s own nursery. Work on other international projects – most notably in Australia – also informs Eoin’s garden design, and he regularly travels to continental Europe to source the finest available stock.